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What We Do

Get Into Resources is a unique careers event which showcases the opportunities available in the resources industry to secondary school students. There is no other event in Western Australia like it!

Most of our secondary school students, teachers and careers advisors are unaware that the resources industry offers over 150 different careers, in disciplines such as commerce, finance and accounting, hospitality services, geology, chemistry, engineering, environmental, hydrology, safety and first aid, human resources, logistics and supply, marketing, clerical and secretarial, information technology and surveying – to name just a few! In fact, almost any position you can think of has an equivalent role in the resources sector.

Get Into Resources aims to inform about the benefits of being a resources industry employee, like:

  • The wide variety of OPPORTUNITIES available
  • The chance to TRAVEL, both within Australia and overseas
  • Being well REWARDED – most resources industry employees earn around 20% more than those in similar non-resources sector roles
  • LIFESTYLE benefits – whether it’s a fly-in, fly-out role that allows for lots of time off or a residential role with your family – all are achievable in resources!
  • Working in a TEAM of like-minded people doing high quality and rewarding work
  • The resources industry is hugely INNOVATIVE, being repeatedly rewarded for its outstanding performance, particularly in the environmental, engineering and information technology space

You don’t need a university degree to have a well-paid, rewarding career in the resources industry!

Check out the graph below – almost 80% of resources industry employees have joined the industry via pathways other than through university. You can too!

Entry paths

Get Into Resources will help you to understand the opportunities available in the resources industry and how to make tracks to get there.

From our industry personnel who are keen to share their personal experiences with you, to our sponsor companies who can outline the benefits of being an employee in resources and finally to the training providers which can show you how to get there – Get Into Resources is your one-stop-shop to a career in the resources industry. Learn more in the video below!

Who We Are

Get Into Resources Inc. is an incorporated, not-for-profit organisation registered in Western Australia. Established in 2012, Get Into Resources operates under a managing volunteer Committee within a constitutional framework. The 2019 Committee Members are:

MJ Corp

Meryl Jones

Founder and Patron
Meryl is a 30-year veteran of the resources industry and is
passionate about providing the best opportunities for our students and a quality pipeline for the future.
Read more about Meryl here

2016-06-24 10.05.15

Gayle Bowness

Gayle has 13 years’ experience in the resources sector and is passionate about exposing students to information that will support them in making informed subject choices that will impact their futures.
Read more about Gayle here


Debbi Pope

Vice Chair
Debbi has been working in both the mining industry and human resources for over 5 years. She enjoys introducing students to the industry by way of vacation work and working with mining professionals.
      .Read more about Debbi here


Dhan Prabhu

Dhan has been working in the resources industry for the past decade and is involved with Get Into Resources to help students forge a career in this sector.
Read more about Dhan here

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Mark Crouch

Mark is a process engineer at a nickel smelter and enjoys tackling problems that hinder people and provide solutions that produce positive outcomes.  He is keen to share his pathway with future generations.
Read more about Mark here

Jo (002)

Jo Watkins

Committee Member
Jo is also the CEO of Earth Science Western Australia. A former science teacher herself – Jo loves enthusing students and teachers about Earth Sciences and the opportunities they can lead to.
Read more about Jo here


Liam Crellin

Committee Member
Liam is a recent graduate working in the environmental geology space, he is keen to impart his knowledge to high school students and inspire them to pursue a career in the resources industry.
Read more about Liam here


Gabrielle Bruce

Committee Member
Gabby is a graduate within the resources sector and loving the challenges of working on an operational plant. Her experiences and the “Wow” factor of working with industrial equipment in hi-vis forms the resource sector passion which she eagerly shares with fellow peers and high-school students.
Read more about Gabby here


Briohny Evans

Committee Member
Briohny is a qualified Electrician and has spent the last 20 years working in various positions in the resources sector. She is passionate about showcasing the abundance of opportunities in this sector and setting up our future generation for success.
Read more about Briohny here


Jade Singleton

Committee Member
Jade is a mining engineer with almost 2 decades of experience in the Mining industry.  She is actively involved in many initiatives & events in WA, which aim to encourage students into STEM. Introducing students to the resources industry is the first step of their discovery journey, and indeed vital to revealing the plethora of future opportunities possible!
.Read more about Jade here


Amy Lowe

Committee Member
Amy is a geologist with 8 years in the resources industry in underground and open pit mining as well as exploration. She loves the dynamic nature of the work and the lifestyle, and is keen to introduce students to the wide range of career .opportunities available in the industry.
.Read more about Amy here



Why GIR?

High quality, immersive experience

Get Into Resources provides a unique, high quality interactive experience which brings secondary students, teachers, training course providers, tertiary students, industry representatives and resources companies together.

Passionate industry professionals share their stories and present an industry relevant, hands-on activity with small groups of students (maximum of 10). This ensures each student has the opportunity for a personalised immersive experience. There is no other resources industry careers event in Western Australia like it!


Chance to visit an operating mine

No other careers event gives its students and teachers the chance to win a full-day, all expenses paid visit to an operating minesite!

Get Into Resources is lucky enough to have Platinum Sponsor Sandfire Resources NL provide the fabulous annual Quiz Prize of a site visit to its DeGrussa copper mine.

Every student who participates in Get Into Resources can enter the Quiz. One winner from each day of Get Into Resources (three in total), plus a friend who attended Get Into Resources with them and their teacher, are flown to DeGrussa from Perth where a mine tour awaits. This is followed by lunch, a visit to the exploration area and an opportunity for discussion and question time, before returning to Perth late afternoon. The feedback from both students and teachers who have attended has been incredible!


Sincere thanks to Sandfire Resources NL for their ongoing support of student and teacher education in this way!

The CUT Mine

This unique underground training mine facility, situated in the heart of North Metropolitan TAFE’s 25 Aberdeen Street building takes training to a new level, providing students with ‘real’ hands on experience in underground mining.

Early in 2009, lecturers at North Metropolitan TAFE recognised the need to extend the experience for students studying mining related subjects. A disused service tunnel located on Level 1 provided the perfect location for a new training facility. With the assistance of corporate sponsorship, a stage crew was engaged to transform the corridor into a simulated underground mine, complete with realistic lighting, soundtrack and equipment – even an underground rescue chamber!


In the simulated mining environment, North Metropolitan TAFE’s mining students are trained in underground mine safety, geology and face mapping techniques. The facility continues to develop as an excellent training, recruitment and induction facility that brings extensive savings and increased safety to the mining industry.

Get Into Resources attendees have the opportunity to experience The CUT under the guidance of experienced underground mining professionals. Check out The CUT in the video below.