What We Do

Get Into Resources is a unique careers event which showcases the opportunities available in the resources industry to secondary school students. There is no other event in Western Australia like it!

Most of our secondary school students, teachers and careers advisors are unaware that the resources industry offers over 150 different careers, in disciplines such as commerce, finance and accounting, hospitality services, geology, chemistry, engineering, environmental, hydrology, safety and first aid, human resources, logistics and supply, marketing, clerical and secretarial, information technology and surveying – to name just a few! In fact, almost any position you can think of has an equivalent role in the resources sector.

Get Into Resources aims to inform about the benefits of being a resources industry employee, like:

  • The wide variety of OPPORTUNITIES available
  • The chance to TRAVEL, both within Australia and overseas
  • Being well REWARDED – most resources industry employees earn around 20% more than those in similar non-resources sector roles
  • LIFESTYLE benefits – whether it’s a fly-in, fly-out role that allows for lots of time off or a residential role with your family – all are achievable in resources!
  • Working in a TEAM of like-minded people doing high quality and rewarding work
  • The resources industry is hugely INNOVATIVE, being repeatedly rewarded for its outstanding performance, particularly in the environmental, engineering and information technology space

You don’t need a university degree to have a well-paid, rewarding career in the resources industry!

Check out the graph below – almost 80% of resources industry employees have joined the industry via pathways other than through university. You can too!

Entry paths

Get Into Resources will help you to understand the opportunities available in the resources industry and how to make tracks to get there.

From our industry personnel who are keen to share their personal experiences with you, to our sponsor companies who can outline the benefits of being an employee in resources and finally to the training providers which can show you how to get there – Get Into Resources is your one-stop-shop to a career in the resources industry. Learn more in the video below!

Get Into Resources
Inspiring a resources industry talent pipeline for the future!